Bed Socks Home

Wearing Bed Socks isn’t something new and in fact it is something that has been done for quite some time.  The difference between the past and now is how it has now become fashionable to wear bed socks.  Regular socks are no longer worn to bed but instead fuzzy fun patterns have been created to make wearing socks in the house or to be fun and comfortable.

Why Wear Bed Socks?

Bed Socks are typically worn on cold winter nights when you just can’t keep your feet warm. Bed coverings might not always do the trick when it comes to keeping your feet warm and bed socks add the extra layer of protection and warmth for your feet.

Bed socks prevent your feet from becoming dry and cracking while you sleep. There is nothing worse than waking up with dry cracked feet. Bed socks absorb and redistribute moisture in your feet which keeps them from sweating yet allow for moisture to be absorbed by your feet.

Bed socks and socks in general have been known to promote circulation.  Avoid tight fitting bed socks as they might inhibit circulation. Bed socks are perfect for those with nerve damage and poor circulation as they are typically snug but not too tight on ones feet.

Bed socks present no danger when wearing them to bed.  The only discomfort one may feel is if their feet become uncomfortably warm.  Beds socks that are unusually warm make wake up the individual wearing the socks.  Simply take off the bed socks to compensate for the warmth of the room and coverings.

Who Needs Bed Socks?

Everyone can benefit from wearing bed socks.  Bed socks make the perfect gift for someone with poor circulation or for that individual you have a hard time buying a present for.  Everyone appreciates socks, especially socks that are colorful, soft and warm.  Many people prefer not to wear shoes in their home and their feet easily become cold.  Cold feet usually becomes a problem in homes with hardwood floors however even carpeted homes allow for cold feet as well.   Bed socks add a bit more protection for your feet during the day or night.

Despite their colorful and comfortable appearance, bed socks are typically made so that you are not slipping around when you go to the kitchen in the middle of the night.  Many bed socks are made either with a material that is slip resistant or are made with small unnoticeable grips at the bottom of the socks to promote a stable environment for walking on smooth surfaces.

Whatever the reason, owning a few pair of bed socks will be ideal for any season and any reason.